Tony Mayer | May 24, 2011

Markham Auto is an excellent auto repair shop that has become my only repair facility.  I have had the Clean Air Test, Front and Back brakes, oil changes and wheel bearings maintained on my 2002 Jeep Liberty by Markham Auto.

The staff of Markham Auto has always been courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  All work was done within the time frame first quoted, unless extraordinary complications arose.

All repairs were discussed and explained in simple terms that a non-mechanic could understand.  Service options are provided and suggestions made.  No work was done without understanding the different repair options; using dealer or after-market parts.

In all cases the work done was satisfactory, if not exceptional. The car was clean and returned on time and ran without any follow-up visits required.

Margaret Quinn | May 24, 2011

Recently I was having trouble with sounds from the front end of my car.  I’m pretty cautious about having my car worked on as I have been unhappy with price and service in the past.  A colleague recommended Frank.

When Frank took my car in he thoroughly checked it out and advised me promptly of his findings and recommendations.  He explained clearly what needed to be done, what the cost would be and let me know about the condition of the rest of the car.  The work was finished on time and he showed me all that had been done.

People I know who are knowledgeable about cars tell me that they were surprised by the speed and efficiency with which Frank completed my repairs.  I have recommended him to a number of friends.  Everyone needs an awesome mechanic, like I have found in Frank.

Elsa and Odi | May 24, 2011

My husband and I have known Frank for few years now and every time we have automobile related queries he responded promptly and in a very professional manner. We have been taking our vehicles to Frank for maintenance and repair. I own a Toyota Matrix and my husband owns a Chevy Truck which we purchased with Frank’s assistance in making sure the truck is in safe and good running conditions. I have taken my car to the dealer last summer for regular maintenance and ended up spending a lot of money for all kinds of repairs. They said they have fixed and rotated the tires but when Frank did some work he needed to use a hammer to take the tires out. Since then I have never been back to the dealer in spite receiving reminder calls from them.

Frank  is such an honest person, he will advise you if you really need car repair or not. Most of the time we save money as we do not really need unnecessary repairs. We have been recommending Frank service to friends and relatives.

My husband and I are very happy and satisfied with Frank’s performance. We feel confident that whenever we need someone to fix our vehicles there is one Frank that we can count on.

Clint & Evet Harder | May 24, 2011

This past fall my wife and I were driving our Chrysler Intrepid when I applied the brakes and heard/felt the unmistakable sound of metal grinding against metal.  We didn’t feel safe and to make matters worse it was a Saturday so I knew we would be without a car until at least mid-week.

At this point my wife suggested that we try Markham Auto Repair & Tire.   She actually didn’t know the name of Frank’s garage but she knew of it because Frank’s wife Shirley and my wife did volunteer work at our children’s school.

On very short notice we went to see Frank and while driving to his garage, he took the initiative and ordered the parts he thought he would need for the repair. Once we got there, Frank took our tires off and within 20 minutes showed us what the problem was and began to fix it. What we didn’t know is that Frank also had a family wedding to go to that same afternoon but went the extra mile and took care of our needs. The end result is that we got an excellent brake job done on a Saturday afternoon at a reasonable price. Frank has a real passion for cars and this is reflected in his work. I would recommend both family and friends take their cars to Markham Auto Repair and Tire for their future automotive repair needs.